Specialized materials and ingredients for game-changing solutions.
The Three Core Values of The Camden Trading Group
Passion for

Our passion is grounded on
the understanding and pursuit of our
client partners’ unique needs and
goals as they develop their
game-changing solution.

Radical Dedication to Sourcing Ethically and Sustainably

We are dedicated to the responsible
procurement of raw materials, giving
utmost importance to environmental
and social impacts, and the welfare
of workers involved in their

Rigorous Commitment
to Excellence

We commit to working with our
client partners by delivering
superior customer service, quality,
and continuous improvement.

The Camden Trading Group History

Partnering with The Camden Trading Group is an assurance for your company and your partners that you will be serviced with only the utmost excellence from a team that treats every client with individual and incomparable care and attention. With a paramount on sourcing only the best and most ethical materials, The Camden Trading Group is both a discerning curator and a risk-mitigator for game-changing solutions.

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Camden Industries, Inc. was established in 1987 and was founded on August 8, 1988. It started with supplying the cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, coatings, semiconductors, and confectionary industry.

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Camden officially entered the feed industry and enjoyed steady growth, becoming the trusted feed additives distributor of many farms, feed mills, and principals.

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The Asian financial crisis hit a few large poultry integrators, adversely impacting the company. Camden hits its most challenging era but re-emerges stronger.

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Camden established their official food science division, providing raw materials and ingredients for the food manufacturing industry.

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Camden’s first foray to the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market with the importation and distribution of Baby Mum Mum, a teething biscuit for babies.

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Camden dives deeper into the animal health industry with the addition of products like water soluble, non-antibiotic growth promotant, probiotics and biosecurity products. The addition of agrochemical products meanwhile, expanded Camden further into the crop industry.

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Camden Chemistry division was officially formed through its entry in the foundry industry providing raw material essential to casting. By 2018, Camden took its step entering the civil works industry by offering raw material needed in horizontal drilling for water pipes; telephone wires; internet fibers and in vertical foundations of skyways, MRT stations and buildings.

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Camden celebrates 30 years and officially becomes The Camden Trading Group with new subsidiary names that reflect a more unified feel: Camden Agriculture for better yields, Camden Food Chemistry for specialty foodstuff ingredients, and Camden Chemistry for industrial needs.

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Camden Food Sciences division further explores the food industry by adding bakery and beverage solutions for the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. Notably riding on the trend of milk tea and coffee trends of the year.

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Establishment of the fourth subsidiary of The Camden Trading Group – Camden Consumer Goods, where the company’s applied expertise on trade and distribution has now evolved to include fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands and products to be delivered to supermarkets, convenience stores and specialty stores around the Philippines.

The Four Subsidiaries of The Camden Trading Group
Our Global Partners

The Camden Trading Group sources from only the ethical and the best suppliers globally. Both world-class and proudly home-grown, The Camden Trading Group spares no expense in procuring materials of the highest and most sustainable quality, which is then shipped out to various clients using a reliable and far-reaching logistics system which ensures excellence in every aspect – from sourcing to delivery.

Camden Global Partners
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Sourcing high quality and sustainable materials from only the ethical and the best suppliers around the world.

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