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Camden Agriculture

Camden Agriculture is a pioneer in the supply and trade of farming and milling; animal health; crop and plantation materials for optimum yield – changing the game for commercial and intra feeds, animal and crop health products, and biosecurity advancement.


Camden Agriculture aims to bring you the highest standards in safety and quality, while ensuring sustainable and ethical processes. Results you can trust, for game-changing solutions. 

Camden Food Sciences

Camden Food Sciences is the leading partner of FMCG companies whose goal is to change the game in the food and beverage industry. Using only premium components, top-of-the-line methods, and world-class processes, Camden Food Sciences aims to improve food production and quality for manufacturers, distributors, and quick service restaurants by ensuring that the ingredients used in the creation of products for human consumption are of the highest safety and quality standards. Ingredients you can trust, for game-changing solutions.

Camden Chemistry

Camden Chemistry is the leading supplier of specialty and industrial material for companies who want to change the game in building safe, high-quality industrial products and environmental water systems. Its products range from micronutrient fertilizers, agrochemical emulsifiers and adjuvants; to plasticizers and electronic cleaners; as well as bentonite-based products for sand casting, ceramics, civil drilling, and tunnelling works.  These chemicals, among other high standard products, are used for better builds and improved chemical formulations for industrial products and systems.


Camden Chemistry supports industrial players by providing materials whose performance you can trust, for game-changing solutions.

Camden Consumer Goods

Camden Consumer Goods is the fastest growing team of experts dedicated to changing the game for consumer products.


Armed with the obsession for understanding and identifying the gaps in consumer needs, Camden Consumer Goods delivers world-class quality products, created with the user’s safety and satisfaction as its highest order of priority.


Game-changing solutions. Products you can trust.

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